On Reading Comics

For the past few months, the majority of my time has been filled with revising for exams or doing exams. So I didn’t have much time to read novels, especially not any chunky classics!

However, I was able to read some comic books. To anyone who enjoys reading but is pressed for time, I really would recommend just going to a library and taking out some comic books for light reading.

Probably the best graphic novel I picked up was one called ‘Maus’ which is based on a Jewish family’s experience of the Second World War, and how they coped afterwards. This book was so emotional, and at times very hard hitting,  yet still managed to interject some humor.

I also read the first two volumes of ‘The Sandman’ by Neil Gaiman. This series is so cleverly done, and the art style is beautiful but disturbing at the same time. Another series I started was ‘Scooby Apocalypse’. A twisted version of the Scooby Doo we watch on TV, this series gives new life and more mature  to the characters. The art is very bright and cheerful, even though at times the story is dark.

Finally, I can’t talk about comic books without mentioning a superhero comic. I didn’t delve into any Spiderman or Batman, but instead picked up one of the newer additions to the superhero world- “Hellcat”. This comic was fun, charming, and very current, with lots of pop culture references and girl power. Honestly,  I thought that this book would be cringey, but ended up really enjoying it.

So I would definitely recommend that anyone who likes to read novels also has a go at reading some comic books. There are so many genres and styles out there and the plots are no less sophisticated than those of novels.


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