Suicide Squad | Movie Review

After the complete and utter mess that Bat man v Superman was, I was NOT looking forward to watching another DC film, or any superhero film. I went into this film with very low expectations, but I was still disappointed.

The beginning of this film is probably the most lackluster opening ever: we have to listen to rushed back stories of all of the Suicide Squad which try and make it seem like they have actual abilities to justify them teaming up in the first place when most of them are just your everyday criminals. (And why would you hire criminals when Batman is around? Hiring his enemies instead seems like asking for trouble.)

The rest of the film is … not awful on the same level as Batman v Superman, but it definitely isn’t good. Will Smith was probably the best part of the film, and I almost wish they just made a film focusing on Deadshot instead. The Joker was barely in the film, which was disappointing: again, a film focused on the Joker and Harley Quinn instead of shoving them in with random villains would have been better. I had the same feeling about Katana,  who just didn’t fit into the story at ALL. Why would someone who isn’t a villain and doesn’t even speak the language of her teammates be in the team? What if they need to communicate about something important? I’d rather watch a film set in Japan about Katana than see her shoved into some random team.

This brings me to the main problem I found with Suicide Squad- the ideas, characters, atmosphere and story didn’t mesh well together AT ALL. Even some of the casting choices (such as Cara Delevingne as Enchantress- seriously, whose idea was that?) just didn’t work. And the editing of the film was so awkward, the story didn’t flow, some scenes just seemed random, and it just wasn’t very enjoyable.

I don’t know what DC is trying to do, because to me it seems like they are doing everything in their power to make their cinematic universe as terrible as possible. This is an issue because Marvel will soon be able to monopolize the superhero film genre, as DC becomes known for making awful films. We need competition between companies (eg Dreamworks vs Disney, etc.) within genres. But DC isn’t bringing much to the table.

Hopefully DC can make a comeback with Justice League, but I’m doubtful.


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